H2-Honor Student Access to Content Material [1]. As a teacher, it is important to honor every student by creating a classroom that supports equal opportunity for all. To me, H2 means providing useful educational content in a way that all students can access it [1]. Since every individual has a different story, it is likely that some students may not have certain resources at home (computer/books/etc.) that they need in order to succeed in school. Our job as teachers is to accommodate to these students by offering them ways that they can get to these resources. The picture below shows a bookshelf that belongs to a High School classroom I visited [2]. In this classroom, the teacher has provided a collection of books that she has considered exceptional literature, and that is appropriate for the age group of her students. On the bookshelf, there is a sign that lets students know that they are welcome to borrow any of these books for as long as they like [2].


“Lending Library: Please take and read!”

This is an effective way to incorporate H2 into the classroom because some students may not have access to books at home [3]. In addition, maybe they don’t have the money to buy books, or they can’t find anything in the school library that interests them. This way, students are encouraged to read more outside of school, and they can do this needing nothing but their active minds. From my experience in this classroom, students seemed to utilize this bookshelf regularly [4]. During classroom reading time, some students will chose a book on the shelf, begin reading, and decide they want to take it home to continue reading. This is a great way to motivate students to become better readers, and to expand their learning outside of the classroom. I’ve learned from this experience that when these kinds of resources are being offered at school, many students will use them to their advantage, especially if they cannot access them at home.

As an educator, I realize that the school must be a place where students can get the recourses they need [5]. Whether it’s books, computers, art supplies, etc., we should be providing our students with the tools for success. In my future classroom, my goal is to have a bookshelf like this one that is there for students to use and to learn from [5]. I believe that reading at home can strongly benefit a students learning, both inside and outside the classroom. So I hope to collect enough books to create a free-reading bookshelf of my own. In order to continue learning about ways we can honor student access to content material, we have to know what our students have access to and what they do not [6]. Ask them if they have a computer at home, if they don’t, show them where the computers at school are and how to use them. If they are lacking the proper art supplies to complete a project at home, allow them time in the classroom to work on it. Make sure that every student gets an equal opportunity to succeed in the classroom, regardless of what they have at home. Finding ways to include every student and providing them the necessary resources is a key part of creating a great classroom [6].



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