H3-Honor the Classroom/School Community as a Milieu for Learning [1]. It is essential that all teacher candidates work hard to create an environment where students can learn, be safe, and grow. There are so many aspects that go into building a better learning environment, and I believe that teachers should do all that they can to make this happen [1]. Throughout my experience in EDU 2200, Foundations and Educational Psychology, I have learned new information that can help me apply this HOPE standard in my future classroom. I was asked to write a reflection of the course while thinking about ways in which I can implement this standard of H3, the link to the reflection can be found here: Lessons that Build Excellent Teachers [2].

As I reflected on our lessons about developmental theories/theorists, child abuse/neglect, and the history of American public education, I also found that each of these lessons could teach me new ways to practice this standard in my future [3]. For example, I was able to view student learning in a new light after learning about the theories of Piaget and Bandura. Additionally, I touched on the importance of student safety in the section about child abuse/neglect, because if the classroom is supposed to be an environment for learning, it must first be a safe place. Finally, I reviewed an interesting new piece of history I learned from this course and thought about how this was going against the standard of H3. I then considered the ways in which America has changed since then and how our schools are continuing to move forward in order to better student learning environments. This reflection displays my understanding of how I can honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning by encouraging me to take what I have learned in this course and use it as a resource for how I will want to set up my future classroom [3].

Completing this reflection has taught me to use the knowledge I am gaining from these courses and apply them into my future classroom in order to create a better learning environment [4]. It has helped me gather up the major themes and take-aways from this course into one collective review, and it has made me realize how much can be learned in only ten short weeks [4]. As a future educator, this knowledge of how to incorporate the H3 standard will benefit both my students and I, because the classroom is a place for everyone to learn, student and staff combined [5]. I hope to extend my knowledge on this topic by researching more ways in which I can inspire and encourage learning to take place [6]. Additionally, getting to know student needs and wants and assisting them with these would greatly benefit this process and support learning [6].

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