H5-Honor student potential for roles in the greater society [1]. A big part of a teacher’s role is providing support and encouragement for their students. No matter what grade level or content area, teacher candidates should be there to cheer their students on and get them excited about their futures [1]. This includes introducing them to colleges and careers, and inspiring every student to set high goals for themselves [1]. For the course EDU 2300, Diversity & the Classroom, I was required to interview someone who is different from most. This could mean this person has special needs, comes from a unique background, speaks multiple languages, etc. I chose to interview my friend Skyler (ALL REAL NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED). We discussed her epilepsy and her experiences with school, people, and life. I then was asked to write a paper on this experience, and that paper can be found here: My Brain is Different, and it’s Awesome [2].

I see this experience connecting with the HOPE standard of H5 because even though Skyer thinks and develops differently than most, she is still moving forward in her education and is currently attending community college [3]. This relates to the main idea of my paper, which is that all students can learn:

I have gained many new insights through having this discussion with Skyler, but the single most important thing I am going to take away from it is the idea that all students can learn…Skyler is living proof of this, because even though she has struggled academically, she’s been able to find ways that her differences make her special, and because of her passion for art, she has made the choice to continue her education and go to College. When I asked her about her goals for the future, she responded that she hopes to be working as a graphic artist, designing webistes/t-shirts/etc. for a company…Skyler’s disabilities do not get in the way of her dedication, and I am amazed every day at how much she has grown. (My Brain is Different, and it’s Awesome. p. 5)

Interviewing Skyler and reflecting on this experience has reminded me of the important role that teachers play in the daily lives of their students [4]. As a teacher, I plan on seeing the strengths and talents in every student, and encouraging them to see where these strengths can take them [5]. In the future, I hope to continue to see the potential in others, and to honor this standard in my classroom every day [6].

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