Management Philosophy


Classroom management is the most important component in establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment. The way a classroom is managed determines the type of learning environment in the classroom. So, a well-managed classroom leads to a productive, focused, and attentive learning environment. As a teacher, my job is to create the best possible learning environment for every one of my students. That’s why effective classroom management strategies are so important to me.

The best time to begin managing your classroom is the first second your students walk in the door. The majority of time spent during the first week of school should be spent on establishing and practicing classroom rules, routines, and procedures. Routine and repetition are really important for children to have in their school lives, and teachers must make them clear and consistent. I welcome opportunities for students to have a voice in the classroom and be agents of their own learning, so I find that creating a set of classroom rules together can be a meaningful experience for students. This way, students can envision the type of classroom they want to be a part of, and be responsible to live up to that every day. Displaying the rules in the classroom and reciting them every day is a great way to set students up for success.

Routines should be set for entering the classroom, transitioning, packing up, etc. It is also helpful to display these in the classroom and recite them before getting started. This way students always know exactly what to do and when to do so. When students know these routines and can execute them successfully, more time can be spent on instruction.

All students can learn. As a teacher, my goal is to inspire, engage, and encourage every student to grow in their learning. I will help students ignite their interest, find their strengths, and work through their challenges.

“The most successful classes are those where the teacher has a clear idea of what is expected from the students and the students know what the teacher expects from them” -Harry Wong



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