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H5-Honor student potential for roles in the greater society [1]. A big part of a teacher’s role is providing support and encouragement for their students. No matter what grade level or content area, teacher candidates should be there to cheer … Continue reading

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H1-Honor Student Diversity and Development [1]. No matter where I teach, I know that I am going to have a classroom filled with students who are different from each other. Diversity is all around us, even if it may not … Continue reading

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H3-Honor the Classroom/School Community as a Milieu for Learning [1]. It is essential that all teacher candidates work hard to create an environment where students can learn, be safe, and grow. There are so many aspects that go into building … Continue reading

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H4-Honor Family/Community Involvement in the Learning Process [1]. There is so much to learn from the people and the places that lie outside the walls of a school. I view this principle as seeking opportunities for students to engage with … Continue reading

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H2-Honor Student Access to Content Material [1]. As a teacher, it is important to honor every student by creating a classroom that supports equal opportunity for all. To me, H2 means providing useful educational content in a way that all … Continue reading

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